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14-1-2016 Virio releases new mobile interface
25-8-2016 Virio releases Risk Management

CMS for ISO27001

On top of the CMS framework you can utilize the CMS ISO27001 module. This module provides control over your IT management environment from an ISO27001 perspective.

ISO27001 is the code of practice for Information Security. The basic objective of the standard is to help establish and maintain an effective information management system, using a continual improvement approach. CMS for ISO27001 provides a Control Management System, which is the implementation of the required information management system.

CMS for ISO27001 provides:

  • Predefined ISO27001 control objectives
  • RACI model to link control objectives to roles within the organisation
  • Audit capabilities from any responsibility
  • KPI defnition for ISO27001 control objectives

Based on your risk profile, Virio wil assist you in defining the applicable control objectives and link them to their respective owners in your organisation.

By utilizing CMS for ISO27001 you will have a true implementation of ISO27001 within your organisation. Not just shelfware.


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