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14-1-2016 Virio releases new mobile interface
25-8-2016 Virio releases Risk Management

CMS Adapter for Autotask

This adapter enables you to utilize Autotask as your Operational execution environment and still be able to perform governance from the different Governance Frameworks, Departments, Customers and Processes

The CMS Adapter for Autotask provides the colelction of control information into the CMS Framework.

The adapter provides:

  • Automatic creation of Tasks within Autotask
  • Automatic creation of ServiceCalls within Autotask
  • Automatic collection of status information of Tasks

By utilizing CMS adapter for Autotask you gain the value of:

  • No desinvestment in utilizing Autotask
  • No changes to your operational working procedures for Autotask
  • No changes to the Autotask product
  • Direct steering information of the processes supported by Autotask



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